Maxim Tarasenko
Application Developer, Cryptoinvestor, Trader
«“Konstantin is a single individual. Not many are ready to say publicly: “the goverment, you go to hell, you are ineffective” in our near-totalitarian state. However, any democracy begins with those who are not afraid of today to risk their own life or a better future. Konstantin, in my personal conviction, is in the vanguard of the bearers of the idea of ​​individual freedom in our country. And cryptoindustry is the ideal platform for a peaceful revolution, which he, I bet, is still able to accomplish.»
Yuri Dromashko
Official representative of Satoshi Nakamoto in the Siberian Federal district.
«Konstantin is a bright representative of the Siberian crypto industry. Unfortunately, so far, we have not had common affairs and projects, although I understand that when there is a case to become partners or, for example, entrust him with certain obligations and crypto-finances, then I will be ready. Life experience makes me understand that Konstantine is a man of word and honor. He is a real businessman and knows how to see the whole picture, knows how to take risks, and most importantly, knows how to find the business that brings him a good income and most importantly - pleasure. Business gives him the opportunity not only to earn, but also to create! Of course, an important quality for me, which I see in Kostya, is the desire to make the world a better place. It seems to me that this is a priority for him, and I am sure that when he will decide :"whether to take up any business or not?" first of all, he will always think about how this matter will affect the world order, whether the situation on our big and beautiful planet will improve.»
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