Briefly about that, how my meetup was held in Krasnoyarsk

I accepted my colleagues & adherents invitation and held a meet up in Krasnoyarsk on August 8, 2019. During these two hours I spoke about crypto-anarchy, technologies and cypherpunks, about why decentralization is needed and the areas where it can be applied. And of course, with everyone who came, we philosophized a bit and talked about trends and tried to imagine the future. Thanks to everyone who came, but those to whom my performance brought some profit — double thanks.
So now you can watch the video about the meetup.
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Meetup took place in Irkutsk!

I held a small meetup in Irkutsk on June 12. For two hours I talked about crypto-anarchy, prospects, markets and dynamics of their development, as well as trends that I see in the near future. Thanks to everyone who came. I tried to tell everything in clear and accessible language.
In the near future I will try to visit several cities with a similar program.
You can see in the video how the event went.
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Come to my event!

Hi Irkutsk! June 12, 2019 I will hold an event in Irkutsk dedicated to Mining and Cryptoanarchy. At the event, I will tell you how I built my mining business in Russia and abroad, about the weak points of classic mining, and I will tell you the obvious reasons why classical mining, which today is very, very profitable, will go to the background. Why miners, who do not change the vector of their activities, will lose. I will tell you how to make money on mining with the help of a workshop, and how not to drain your money for nothing. I will share only real experiences and tricks that allowed me to multiply my capital during the global cryptowinters. I will tell you how my partners and I have adapted to high electricity prices. I will answer the question why at the time when many were forced to turn off their mining farms due to the lack of financial profit — we worked. I'll tell you about promising directions and opinions on behalf of the leading development teams from Silicon Valley. I will also tell about my new projects. And of course, I will answer the questions of the crypto community (technical, financial, organizational).
Registration is required.
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