Your hardware will like me!

I suggest placing your ASICs / farms / rigs on good terms at the “All Inclusive” tariff on my territory, where you pay only for kilowatts of electricity consumed, and I provide you good cooling, uninterrupted power supply, static IP (upon request ), access to the network via VPN, access to my pools (no commission), in some cases around the clock support. Support in all countries, with the exception of China, is provided only through Telegram, in China - we use WeChat.

Equipment is placed on the following territories:

Russia, St. Petersburg
Asiс — 4,4 RUB/kW,
Support languages: Russian, English
There is free space.
Russia, Usolie-Sibirskoe
Asic — 3,3 RUB/kW,
Rig on GPU — 5 RUB/kW,
Support languages: Russian
No place.
Russia, Irkutsk
Asik — 3.85 RUB/kW,
Rig on GPU — 5,2 RUB/kW,
Support languages: Russian
Available seats for asics.
USA, Nashville
Asic — 0,08 USD/kW,
Rig on GPU — 0,11 USD/kW,
Support languages: English
There is free space.
China, Dalian
Asic — 0,46 CNY/kW,
Support languages: Russian, Chinese, English
No place.

The exact location, as well as excursions to the farm - only after a personal acquaintance. Prices are without taxes and can be discussed ;) If you need closing documents — not a problem, I have official electricity, official tariff, any reporting documents including VAT.


I will not brag about armed security and video surveillance, I will say simply: I am responsible for your equipment from the moment of acceptance, except for force majeure.

Interested in placement of your account? Email me right now!
Before sending a message, make sure that you specify all your wishes for the placement of equipment.

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